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Keep your players informed! Update your tournament schedule without changing the code on your website.

The Play bar Games Scheduling System is tightly integrated into the Point Entry System. Unlike most tournament companies that use something like Google Calendar, our system allows a dynamic calendar control that updates your website quickly, and easily. The schedular can show a real time weekly schedule, daily view, and monthly view. Our scheduler system can schedule tournaments as far out in the future as you like, or on a daily bases.

What makes the schedular so popular is the ability to cancel touranments on the fly. The cancel tournaments page allows the user to select individual tournament on the calendar and cancel them on an individual day - Your patrons app, and your website will be updated instantaniously.

The Play Bar Games Poker Leaderboard App located on the Google Play Store not only shows different varients of your leaderboard, but also displays the current weekly schedule. This schedule contains each tournament that takes place at each venue on each day.