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Play Bar Games Products are designed to grow the free poker tournament league.

The Play Bar Games Product list Includes:

  • Point Entry System: The Point Entry System allows multiple login roles to enter event data without having to use a calculator or a spreadsheet. This system has a plethera of point calculations and scenarios for giving your players credit for their performance. The Google like player search allows the director to simply start typing the player name or id number to select the player from the database.
  • Event Scheduling System: The Point Entry System is directly tied into the Scheduling System. When you start setting up your account, you will experience a single flow design starting from your season, your events (or tournaments), and going right into point enrty.
  • Points Leaderboard Embeds: We currently offer 11 embeds with endless styles of implementation. You display your leaderboard on your web site. Our "Loayalty Leaderboard ©" has 19 settings allowing you to modify the leaderboard to fit your company's needs.
  • Poker Leaderboard Embeds: Our poker leaderboard is the same as the points leaderboard. While we started with bar tournament poker in mind, we have expanded to include other types of events. Soon we will just call the leaderboard a points leaderboard.
  • Dynamic Calendar: We are the only company offering a dynamic calendar. We expect our competition to try and duplicate this feature with limited results. Our event calendar was tied into our system from the begining allowing it to be fully dynamic. You can change all the colors, update tournaments on a lifetime, weekly, yearly, or daily bases.
  • Leaderboard / Scheduling App: Our Android App is tied directly into our database. This is not a mobile website showing your players useless information. This app displays the event schedule, the current leaderboard, the players stats, and the events the player has played in. Its usefull, and to the point... Yes, We have plans for an IOS App, but do not have enough users using the system to warrent the developement cost.

  • On The Back Burner:
  • Apple IOS App, Leaderboard Color Control, Important Messages Embed, Dynamic Blog Embed, More...