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Commercial points database for growing professional poker tournament leagues.

Our Poker Leaderboard Software, Poker Calendar Software, and Point Management System is powered by an online commercial database - NOT a spreadsheet, xml file, or access database. The system allows multiple directors, venues, and managers to enter their own poker tournament points.  All entries can be viewed and edited with a simple click of a button.  No more calculators!  

The system offers automatic tournament point information on YOUR WEBSITE! It's simple to implement, and even easier to use. If you have ever coppied and pasted anything - You can use this system. We made it easy for anyone using a blog, wordpress, or a custom website maintained by you, or someone else. We have several online server cache's, and colorful embeds. Your players will see their points quicker and with more accuracy.

All point information can be displayed on your website - driving more potential players to your business. This increase in clicks can not only generate more players, but more revenue as well.

Our poker leaderboard software can display everything from just a position ranking to: "Points, Credits, Tokens, Loayalty Tokens" and more... Players can have thier own account, login information, mobile account, and access to thier own stats and profile.

The system is dynamic in nearly every aspect. We have several settings for point calculation which allows the database to do all the math. If you cannot find the exact point calculation for your current needs - We have a manual point entry feature that allows the person entering the data to input exact point values without any database calculation. We are constantly growing the database features, and are excited to bring you onboard.